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Betty Haugen Obituary

Betty Haugen

02/13/1920 - 07/11/2019

If you have had nursing care in the Rogue Valley in the last 50 years, Betty Mae Haugen, who died at age 99 on 11 July 2019, may have had an impact on the training of your nurse. Betty started the Nursing program at what is now Southern Oregon University in 1967. She was the first hire, hired all other staff and charted the course of that Nursing program until 1985 when she retired. When Betty Haugen retired they had to hire two people to replace her.

Betty Mae Haugen was born in Hamilton, Montana on 13 February 1920 to parents Walter Childress and Bessie (née Chapman) Childress. Betty's father Walter Childress, who worked for California Oregon Power Company or COPCO as a surveyor, moved the family back to Medford, Oregon in 1922. Betty grew up poor, in her 90's she still remembered being one of two girls not to have a new dress to start first grade.

Betty graduated from Medford High School in 1937, known as the "Tigers" then. Her father, Walter, borrowed $1,000 to pay her tuition at Nursing School at Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Betty married Elmer Nolan Haugen on Valentine's Day 1942 while Nolan was on a 3 hour pass from Fort Lewis Washington Army Base. Nolan and Betty would celebrate 65 anniversaries before Nolan passed in 2007. Nolan deployed to New Guinea in response to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941. They would be apart almost three years.

Upon Nolan's return both graduated from the University of Oregon (Nolan on the GI Bill) and were proud Ducks. In the 1950's they welcomed two children Mark and Jon. Betty Haugen worked as an Operating Room nurse at the Veterans Administration Hospital on "pill hill" in Portland, Oregon.

In 1962 our country made an investment in Betty Haugen paying for her to obtain a Master's Degree in Nursing, that investment was returned many times over.

In addition to her children, Mark and Jon Haugen and Jon's wife Cathy Haugen, Betty is survived by three wonderful sisters Erma Jean (née Childress) Layton, Gayle (née Childress) Byrne and Judy (née Childress) Bamforth, all gave her much joy. Betty Haugen had three grandchildren (Jon and Cathy's children), who were the apple of her eye, Jessica (née Haugen) Raymond, Ben Haugen and Allison Haugen and one great grandchild, Kennedy Raymond.

Betty Mae Haugen's cremated remains will be interred at Eagle Point National Cemetery, Eagle Point, Oregon alongside Elmer Nolan Haugen (Columbarium 9 Row A Site 21).

Point of Contact: Jon T. Haugen

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